Sunday, April 13, 2008

BL regularis

i can't be the only person to notice the recent explosion in yogurt advertising. if TV can be believed, yogurt is the coolest thing to hit supermarket shelves since lean cuisine. yogurt -- at least the new generation yogurts, with their prebiotics, probiotics and space-age bacteria with made-up latinate names -- will make you thin, it will make you sexy, and it will make you "regular."

the obvious implication is that constipation is epidemic in north america. (any relation to the obesity epidemic, one wonders?) i feel for the irregular among us. it must be awful to cruise the dairy aisle looking for a miracle.

but i would like to suggest that more serious than literal constipation is its intellectual analog. i speak as a victim, here -- not even a survivor, but an unreconstructed victim of mental irregularis. every day, i strain to have an idea. i sit in front of my computer waiting to produce something, anything, even a hard little pellet of a notion. my question: if they can put all those branding dollars into BL regularis for the bowel, why not BL regularis for the brain?

for one thing, you'd have a more interesting blog to read.

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