Friday, September 5, 2008

Bad feminist

the following ad floated to the top of the debris pile otherwise known as my inbox the other day, advertising the newly reconstituted faculty women's club (originally called the faculty wives' club, if memory serves):

The Wine & Cheese Social will be an opportunity for both newcomers and returning members to check out the club and our many activities: from Art Gallery Tours to Golf, Book Groups to Bridge, or Gourmet Dining to Dog Walking - just to name a few. We have activities that meet during the day, in the evening, and even occasionally on the weekends.

i know i'm not supposed to feel envious -- but, wow: what kind of a charmed life would you lead if you had time to take in dog walking groups?

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Unknown said...

in the mornings when I walk Donna's dog Cyrus, I often meet a lady with a lovely standard poodle. She had "doggie play dates" for her poodle and other dogs.
Some days she takes him to their place and next time it is her turn to host the play date. there are several dates a week!!!

Westboro is sure coming up in the world.