Friday, March 13, 2009

Livin' it up in vancouver

what with the endless winter, the new course, and the flagging energy, i have felt stuck in perpetual january. it's a shock to realize it's already the middle of march. having coffee with a friend the other day, i remembered all those heart tests i went through a year ago, and the excitement of writing. i'll revisit the origins of this blog, i promised myself, and write an anniversary post. that was three weeks ago.

i'm now in vancouver. when our plans to visit canmore over reading week fell through, mo and i came up with the idea of a weekend getaway to vancouver. it's what grown-ups in edmonton do. i pushed us into it. i bought the plane tickets and booked the friday off work and got mo to do the same. the last two weeks i have been slaving to clear my schedule enough to be here without worrying about work. i got one phd student through his exams, another through the proposal stage, a third through her first chapter. i read ahead for my grad class. i gave my undergraduate english class an extension. i prepped the new sociology course. i cleared the exposure decks and rearranged honors tutorial meetings and visited with the visiting speaker and chaired conference panels and wrote next thursday's ISMSS presentation. i even took three hours off last saturday to clean the house, knowing i'd be away this weekend.

i did it all gladly, so that when we pulled out of the humanities centre parking lot at 4:45 yesterday, it would be with a clear conscience and a happy heart.

it's a good plan, and by the time we hit the departures lounge i was as high as i've ever been: competent, satisfied, ahead of the game. but so far, i have spent most of our time in vancouver napping.

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