Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday morning

one of the most marvelous contradictions in life is the constitive contradiction of saturday morning. lying in bed, mo still asleep, and early, i think of all the things i will do. this morning's list included:
  • yard work: cleaning up roofing nails, mowing the lawn, weeding, putting in a few more annuals, replacing my mysteriously dying basil, cutting suckers, rescuing the mock orange, tidying up the raised bed and, most satisfying of all, yanking caragana
  • shopping: the farmers market, the italian centre, the greek market, antonio's
  • baking: muffins, granola, flatbread
  • riding: a longish bike ride through the river valley parks.
lying in bed i had only to decide what to do first.

i don't know exactly what happened to all those grand schemes of mine, only now it's quarter to one and i'm lying on the front porch day bed, reading and daydreaming, waiting for a yoga class at 2.

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