Friday, June 6, 2008


when i think about the university's gems, i think of the glenn sather sports medicine clinic. the people there -- physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, students, technicians, massage therapists, and clerks -- are all so very, very good that i feel lucky just to walk through the doors. even limping through the doors, i feel like i'm entering the hallowed place where knowledge, experience, discipline and hard work synthesize to make everything better. and honestly, i thought that even before nancy declared my ACL whole, even before she called ian in to concur, even before i got the x-ray ruling out other serious injuries, even before she signed the alberta health care forms with the diagnosis "left knee sprain."

when i die, i'm leaving all my money to the gssmc. so there.

and i'm probably not going back to nikki's shop. eh, anyone can make a mistake. but why settle for the mazda 6 when you could have the audi r8?


Unknown said...

I am singing Hallelujah! Hallelujah

Anthony said...

my sister, of the rugby and the wrestling, and the knees shredded, have nothing but excellent things to the sather.