Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's gruesome find

you can buy caskets at costco.

of course i'm not kidding. you can't make this stuff up. and, really, why not take the empowered-consumer movement to the next level? 'cause after you consume that flat of beef and the barrel of cashews, you just might need to think about "the next level." before you get too excited, though, read the fine print, where you'll discover that costco online offers standard or expedited shipping but, unfortunately, they "cannot hold onto any orders for future delivery." so keep that 1-800 number right next to your deathbed.

i'm all for DIY, but there are some things -- say, embalming human bodies -- that i think should be left to the professionals. are you with me on this?


Anthony said...

i think its much better then going to a funeral home and having them upsell you. esp if they upsell you with the idea that the memory of yr loved one depends on the cadilliac and not the pinto.

mitfords american way of death says alot about this.

Heather Zwicker said...

tell me these aren't the only two options: victimization by costco vs victimization by the funeral industry?