Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funk city

all of edmonton is in a funk. friends won't return calls. my parents don't want to leave the house. colleagues are absent. nobody knows what to do with all this snow -- and cold! -- in may. while we've often got snow in may, usually it's a literal out-of-the-blue thing, a blip in an otherwise lovely month. this year, it's like winter hasn't ended. as a result, everything is out of kilter. stores are filled with the kind of food you'd normally seek out at this time of year: corn on the cob (such as it is in may), fat portobello mushrooms, cold salads, steaks, and burgers. but my thoughts are tending to roasted squash soup, hearty risotto, spaghetti and meat balls with garlic bread (comin' to your place tonight, jen!). so i wandered around the grocery store yesterday with a cart of ginger, garlic and toilet paper.

it can't last forever. right??


margrit said...

Yep, that's right: the funk is here, and it's been here for a while. My lunch is as comforting as they come, too: thick chickpea soup with squash whole wheat scones. To think I'm supposed to be writing about seasonal/local eating. What? Didn't you know? May is high season for chickpeas in Edmonton.

mari said...

Come out! The Office Show opens tomorrow night. It's near to your house.