Sunday, May 3, 2009

An unusual sight

of all the remarkable things we saw today -- a vee of white pelicans drifting onto a lake, a wet beaver snuffling through the deep montana snow, billboards for bankruptcy help, billboards for mortgages, rain lashing the great salt lake -- none was more unexpected than the vision of 14 humans falling from the sky outside ogden. it was one of those endless industrial strips next to 4 lanes of the I-15, all billboards and big box stores, except that just off to the right was a baker's dozen of x-shaped human beings, drifting lazily to earth under multi-colored parachutes.


Mo said...

Yes, that *was* unusual. But surely the urban assault vehicle (possibly an Escalade, maybe a Navigator) with the balls hanging from the hitch comes a *very* close second. Yes, I mean testes, fashioned from metal, swinging in the breeze behind the truck. Let's call it a tie.

VicoLetter said...
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