Sunday, April 4, 2010

May 2

found on a telephone pole, good friday 2010:

i need to express myself to stay sane i'm shy this is where i live i don't see my history written on the body of this city sometimes i am so sad sometimes i am so lonely seeing something i've made, outside, in my neighborhood helps and so this is where i am making my home i have responsibility for this place this city needs more color this city needs more vibrancy this city needs more creativity this city needs more spontaneity, this city needs less bureaucracy i sometimes can't sleep at night my heart hurts i can't just leave the past behind i can never finish things but i create all the time and can't throw them out i have lots of doodles around my house i taught myself to draw and think i mostly suck but some people like it i have things to say that i don't want my name attached to i love seeing other people's creations i am inspired by other people's creations i am inspired by art galleries art galleries too often only show Art art galleries make me sad this city is too gray this city needs histories written on its walls this city is a place this place has histories these histories are neither simple nor just i don't know them well enough i want people to tell me theirs i want to learn this place is not easy i don't want to be sad i don't want this city to be so cold it will be fun to...are all artists people say "we are all artists" but don't often enough ask what that means there is a lot of amazing stuff being created by you and me all of the time i want to experience it there doesn't have to be a "middle man" i have staples i have tape i have thumb tacks i have flour and water i have ideas i have dreams i have a future i find inspiration in so many things i would probably find inspiration in you lots of people would probably find inspiration in you if you wanted to let everyone else know what this place, this life is like for you. if you wanted to share.



mari said...

There's an underground movement to create an unofficial Nuit Blanche type event on May 2! That's what it's about.

Heather Zwicker said...

i know - isn't it great? (not quite so underground all spelled out like this, but still.)

Honorio said...

Hello Heather,
This is a lovely matter, but the link don't work appropriately.
Or is this for a restricted use?

Anonymous said...

totally wish i found something like this on my one of my telephone poles.

Heather Zwicker said...

@honorio: gracias por la lectura! the link goes to a facebook site. i haven't been able to find an external one!

Honorio said...

Thanks to you, I haven't got a facebook site, I'm only blogger.