Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cheaper'n a trip to vegas

red glass tealights from the $1 bench

blue polish whisky glass, $5 at zocalo (polish whisky not included)

cherry tic tacs, $1.05 at the corner store. bonus if your g/f loves 'em.

hand-tied bouquet, $30 at zocalo

turquoise glass vase, $15; daffodils, $4; pool of water where the vase leaks, n/c

pungent basil, $6.99 at planet organic

metal water bottles, $6.74 each at london drugs

yellow and orange mugs, $6 each (zocalo); red and yellow flowers $3 a stem (zocalo); fruits from planet organic; dish from savannah, 2008; mexican talavere plates $2605, including airfare and two weeks' accommodation in cozumel

preserved lemons!

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jen alabiso said...

I spent 20 minutes and $60 on JUST FLOWERS at zocolo yesterday. Bright pinks and creamy whites - not gray whites of winter, but creamy whites of carribean sand.

It helped. Plus, they're freesia and stock, and now my house SMELLS like summer too. Bonus.