Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday morning, spring

this, right now, is my favorite moment of the week. i’ve woken up in a sun-filled loft called saturday morning. i’m lying in bed, a hot cup of coffee to my left, a dreaming girl to my right. it’s spring here, at least indoors, and nothing is required of me. i could do anything.

i might paint my study green today. or build myself a bookcase. or run and run and run through the river valley. i might read a book about argentina. there's a pair of disappointed chickadees on the balcony right now, taking a break from househunting and reevaluating their choice of neighbourhood: maybe i’ll fix the birdhouse for them. i might mix up a batch of granola. i’d love to wash the windows, get rid of all that winter dust so we don’t miss a drop of the new spring sunshine. i might take pictures, take a jacuzzi, take myself out for breakfast. or i might nuzzle right back into the duvet and take a nap.

saturday morning shout-outs: to sweet ted, dancing, and his grandma, departing. to beautiful catherine, living. to anthony, reading spivak. to my anonymous new friend D, smiling back at her kidneys. to st city roasters, who did an especially nice job on this pound of ugandan coffee. to all my snowed-in friends in ontario: keep the chocolate handy! to gogol, takin’ it to the streets. to my friends with kids, whose weekend pleasures are so different from mine. to lez grrls (edmonton chapter), who make me laugh. to renee, promoted. to jen, happy birthday, you international woman! and to all the poets who make something beautiful of this day.

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