Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shopper or buyer

it all started because we needed cardamom. everybody knows that the best indian spices in edmonton come from mill woods. so off we went. mo's been interested in cars for a while; holiday monday seemed like a good time to test-drive one; there was a good deal at a shop in mill woods and another test-drive possibility on the way; so off we went.

the jeep liberty was certainly pretty. and virtually new. and a great price. it drove well. afterward, she said she needed some time to think. i said fine, you smoke on it; i'm going next door to pick up some cardamom.

you know how it is at a spice store. you (i) have to look at everything and take in all the smells (what is that -- oh, fenugreek!), make sure you're getting the freshest bag of coriander, compare the jamaican curry powder to the english -- well, it takes some time. and i was thrilled, just over the moon, that they had bolst's curry powder. i don't know whether it's actually good or whether i am just nostalgic about it, but i debated a long time over whether to buy a ginormous tin of bolst's or a modest package of turban brand jamaican curry. then in a stroke of genius and good luck, i snagged a package of crushed chilis on my way out: an item mo had just the day before noticed we were out of.

anyway, it was probably a good ten minutes before i got back to her, hoisting my bag of spices with pride. but before i could tell her anything, she had a little something of her own to tell me. "i bought carda--" i started to say, when she uncharacteristically cut me off. "i bought a jeep." "you what?" "yup."

it was exactly the right move: the right vehicle at the right price on a good day. but i am still floored. admittedly, she's been looking at jeeps online for a few weeks and she's needed a new car for a while. the justy is trusty and lusty, but 15 years old and short a coupla struts. let's just say that the trade-in deal on the justy had money travelling from mo to the dealership.

but to drive two cars and buy the second one? i debate longer than that over a pair of tights (anna sui tights, if you must know, and yes i did eventually hit the "buy now" button). i don't like to spend too much and i don't like to acquire things i don't actually want or need. i'm a true materialist, so every acquisition matters. as a result, i keep my amazon cart open for weeks. i hem and haw and put things on hold. in short, i'm a proper shopper.

this "buying" thing? whole other ball game.

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