Friday, March 21, 2008

Venial equinox

it's the vernal equinox, halfway from the depths of winter to the height of summer. in a nice coincidence, christians are marking good friday. it's persian new year. feels like all the world's engaging in meaningful ceremonies to mark the passage of time, death and rebirth, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

well, i have a l'il ceremony of my own. i call it putting away the winter boots.

oh, chie, you are a temptress. i don't know whether it's your cosmopolitan background, your just-nerdy-enough internship with a podiatrist, your sassy designs or your gorgeous colors but i tell you what: i fell in love instantly. i would have bought your boots even if i couldn't stand in them. but when i slipped them on ... oh,

it wasn't like that for us, was it? i'm ashamed -- now -- to say that i didn't even notice you at first. it took mo's keen eye to hook us up. but you were so understanding that you became the go-to boot this winter. skirts, jeans, dresses: nothing flummoxed you. and yes, yes, you could go on through the spring and perhaps even the summer (this is alberta, after all) but .... well .... the seasons are moving on, and so am i.

remember how i thought i could get through a 9-day trip to london on two pairs of shoes? trooping through chelsea i thought my feet would perish, my knees would give in, my back would crack. i found you, little no-name diesel knock-offs, in a little no-name store and thought i could fly. rest well -- you've earned it -- and i'll see you next year.

in their forties, people are meant to be learning all sorts of things about themselves. what i am learning is: i love boots.

i can hardly wait to see what the easter bunny has in store:

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