Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy may day

-- which is, of course, a national holiday here. sigh.

just a quick note to say that the blog is going into hiatus for a couple of days as we pack up for a long weekend in uruguay. a cousin of mine lives there with his family. here, from kirsty her lovely self, is the plan:

We thought we would pick you up in Colonia and spend the afternoon there and come to our home in Durazno to stay the night (3 hour drive) then we’d take a quick tour of our town – not a whole lot to see – and head to an “estancia” (Uy farm – basically the heart and sole of Uy) where we could ride horses, have Uy style BBQ (are you vegetarian?) and spend the night. On Sat we could head cross country on dirt road through somewhat repetitive yet typical Uy country (could take 5 hours or so) to the SE part of Uy and down to the coast at the famous beach resort city of Punta del Este. It may not be warm enough for the beach but if you like cities most people tend to love this one. We can stay there the night and on Sunday head to MVD (2 hours) to see some of the sites there.

i said that sounded just fine.

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